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Green Spring a large range of 2 sensor, 3 sensor, 4 sensor milk rapid test kit is available
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We develop a large range of combo kit: 2 sensor, 3 sensor, 4 sensor of milk rapid test kit 

as following:

Product CodeProduct NameSpecSensitivity (ppb)
LSY-20082Beta-lactams and Tetracyclines Combo rapid test strip96 test/kit2-100/10-15
LSY-20101Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines, Streptomycin and Chloramphenicol Combo rapid test strip96 test/kit2-100/5-20/15-25/0.3
LSY-20102Lincomycin, Tylosin and Erythromycin Combo rapid test strip 96 test/kit1~2/3~5/3~5
LSY-20103Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines and Sulfonamides Combo rapid test strip96 test/kit2~100/5~10/2~60
LSY-20104Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines,  Sulfonamides and Quinolones Combo rapid test strip96 test/kit2~100/2~60/2~8/5~10
LSY-20105Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines, Melamine and Cephalexin Combo rapid test strip  96 test/kit2~100/10~20/10~15/10~15
LSY-20106Florfenicol, Chloramphenicol and Thiamphenicol Combo rapid test strip96 test/kit0.2~0.3/0.07~0.1/0.3~0.5
LSY-20107Streptomycin, Gentamicin and Kanamycin Combo rapid test strip 96 test/kit5-10/10-15/3~5/3~5
LSY-20108Streptomycin, Gentamicin and Neomycin Combo rapid test strip 96 test/kit5-10/10-15/3~5/5~10
LSY-20111Tetracyclines,Gentamicin and Quinolones Combo rapid test strip96 test/kit10-20/3-5/2-8
LSY-20112Tylosin-Tilmicosin Combo rapid test strip 96 test/kit2-3/3-5
LSY-20095Beta-Lactams and Cephalexin Combo rapid test strip96 test/kit2~100

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